Store promises were what we relied on when we read words like "guarantee", "money back refund" or "warranty". They gave us a feeling of comfort, security and a sense of recourse though they didn't necessarily provide us with what we wanted. At Paper Promises we don't need to rely on these words. Your actions will "guarantee" your success, your hard work will be your "money back refund", your "warranty" is provided by you.

Our Paper Promises are the vast amounts of information that we will present to you in an easy to use format. We will show you the data and techniques that are already being used by other successful people, who like you only needed a source of useful information. We will be there for any further assistance you may need on your journey, a kind of navigator if you will. This will allow you to travel the information highway in the HOV lane. Helping you to avoid the the traffic jams that are always present and unforeseen.


Paper Promises wants to establish long-term relationships  with it's members which gives both us and you the ability to grow in a community of progressive ideas. Your success is our success and vice versa, we format large quantities of data and you direct the data that we provide. We will provide you with the data that you need to succeed.